“Occasionally we get a glimpse of our own true power, not realising it is always there and all we need is the knowledge to access it.”

– Naila Darr –

Wellbeing & Resilience

(our innate power)

We are born with innate power and resilience which always remains with us. However, most of us experience challenges through our lives, and some of them can leave a deep impression on us.

Sometimes they can define who we think we are and what we think is possible.

We will explore the wellbeing and resilience within us, and how that remains untouched and intact regardless of any challenge or trauma we may experience.

We will discover how this power can show up and the difference this can make when we learn how to distinguish between the voice of fear that can hold us back, and the voice of wisdom that is always available to guide us in any situation.

Peace Is Available Now (English)

SEXUAL ABUSE Series – Six Videos

I did this series to help raise awareness about sexual abuse and to raise funds for NNECA, the charity that works specifically with sexual abuse.

Anger & Rage
Triggers & Memories
Past & Present
Self Blame
Telling Someone
Wounds & Wisdom

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